Saturday, August 6, 2011

Virtual Essay

The photographer of my choice for this assignment is Andrew Prokos. Prokos' main subject in his photographs are architecture, cityscapes and landscapes. While researching and looking over many different photographers and their styles, Andrew's photographs stood out to me the most because they are the type of photographs that I also like to take.
"Andrew unfolds the changing face of the city by capturing the same location at different times of day and in every season. His commitment to documenting the city often requires the patience to wait for just the right light, and to be prepared to shoot on a moment’s notice when it arrives. The resulting images allow the viewer to revel in the beauty of the city and witness its spectacular transformation over time. "

The patience and dedication that he puts into his work is inspiring and is evident through his photos (sample images on top are by Andrew Prokos.)

Here are some photos that I have taken that are inspired by Andrew Prokos:
Although less professional, my photos capture the same subjects as Andrew in his photographs (architecture, landscape, skyline, etc.. ) Andrew`s photographs are very rich in color and contrast and really focus on his main subject -- I have tried to do the same through the photos I have taken.